Below are samples of my work. My portfolio section is currently being updated and will soon include more samples and detailed descriptions. Please visit again soon for new changes. For more information about my work, please contact me!

Digital Signage

Mercedes-Benz — Mobile Digital Catalog

Working as part of the creative team to make the most fluent mobile catalog including all Mercedes-Benz vehicles and their accessories. Responsibilities included leading a team of up to five designers to produce assets for varying mobile platforms.


Mercedes-Benz — Brand Event Marketing

Created layouts to use in auto shows and other events where digital methods were unavailable. This included having designs for print options from press to lower budget laser printers.


LawEasy — Public Legal Help

A website providing free legal information. Worked as part of the design team through brainstorming and initial homepage layout. Further responsibilities included designing sub-pages and responsive layouts.


Retouching — Mercedes-Benz

Working with Mercedes-Benz often meant receiving assets that were product incorrect. This meant retouching the assets to add perforation and changing the upholstery color, the steering wheel shape, or the appearance of the pedals. Assets come in all sizes from small web to very large and unforgiving 4K.

Automation — Mass Exporting

Time is always against us and if that’s not the problem than it’s our software limitation. By thinking outside of the box and with Apple OS scripting, we can overcome some of these obstacles.

Marvel’s new comic book series of Antman had a world record of over 10,000 different variations of comic book covers. I automated the process of making Antman grow from his ant size to his full size. With this skill set, I also handled the downloading of raw assets from Mercedes-Benz’s servers and the exporting of completed asset files. Tasks that originally took days were reduced to mere hours.

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